5 Holiday Gift Ideas

Nico DeGrazia

Nico DeGrazia




5 Holiday Gift Ideas For Friends and Family


The holidays this year may feel different, but there are plenty of nice gifts to get your loved ones during these hard times. Here are 5 gift ideas for the holidays this season.

1. Painting

Nothing says that you care about a person more than a piece of art. Receiving art as a gift is very special because  the recipient knows that it took a lot of time and effort to make. Especially if you paint something personal to you and your loved one. This is a great and cheap way to show your loved one that you are thankful for them. There are many painting kits on Amazon, or you can buy them at stores like Michaels, Target, and Walgreens. If you aren’t the best artist, faceless family paintings are a very cool solution!

2. Picture letter

Another way to make your loved ones feel special this holiday season is with a Picture Letter. A picture letter is usually a wooden letter of someone’s name that you can decorate with things that person loves. Some people fill the letter with pictures, drawings, paintings, string, or even use rhinestones to make it their own. The only materials required are a wooden or plastic letter, mod podge, and paper printed photos. The rest is up to you!

3. Personalized Masks


Even though this holiday season is very different due to Covid-19, there are many gift ideas that will keep your family safe. One good gift idea is a personalized mask. This is a way to ensure your family members stay safe while expressing themselves. Just make sure the mask is made out of a material that protects your loved one and people around them. 

4. Betta Fish

Due to being quarantined, a lot of older loved ones may be getting lonely. One way to lift their spirits is to gift them with a fish. Only if you believe that they will take care of it, of course. Having a  betta fish or goldfish can be a great way to keep busy and not feel so alone. You can also add some snails to help clean the tank, while being very cute! Just remember to buy from a responsible breeder and favorably, a small business during these hard times. 


5. Espresso maker

This one is for all of the essential workers in your life. Get them an espresso maker so they won’t have to worry about picking up coffee before their shift. It’ll save them money and keep them safer. Amazon has really good single serve options for as low as 60 dollars. 


No matter how you celebrate this holiday season, remember that there are many ways to show your loved ones that you appreciate them. Especially during quarantine, I believe that it is most important to check in on your elderly relatives who may be lonely. They might love a pet fish! Have a happy and safe Holidays!