Thanksgiving Hopes and Dreams

Joselyn Chavez, Editor

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As a senior at Whitney M. Young Magnet HS, stress is not at all a foreign state. Along with the amazing education comes deadlines, papers, and college applications. As the November 1st deadline has passed many students have now lessened the load they are carrying on their backs. According to the three stage General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS) process, many of the Whitney Young students are in the exhaustion stage after being on high alert the last few days of the first quarter.

There is one thing that all students are looking forward to this November besides the lack of school: Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving has evolved to become a celebration with friends and family around a table full of good food. Zyana Cabrera ‘19 exclaimed, “ Pumpkin pie! That is the thought that is keeping me going this November. It is the best pie and I look forward to it every year.” A true classic. There are so many different variations of pumpkin pie, but the best pie is always the classic. If you are lacking motivation in school, then imagine a nice and sweet pumpkin pie such as the oneschef’s make on the Food Network. They can make anything look delicious, so  there will be food that will make your mouth water and your mind work harder.

This edible motivation is not limited to hardworking seniors. Everyone at Whitney Young requires a little something. For Rocio Marquez ‘18 the image is her mother’s homemade turkey. She describes, “It is delicious! Mmmm, nothing better than my mother’s turkey.” No matter the food that is giving you the motivation to work we will all have our tummies full on Thanksgiving surrounded by friends and family. Julian Pulcaso ‘19 has a different mindset in terms of Thanksgiving. He says, “Thanksgiving food is good. I can’t lie. The thing that I am looking forward to is the best sleep of my life after eating all that delicious food.” No one can argue with that.

With that I wish you images of your most favorite foods and the best sleep of your life. We are counting down the days to Thanksgiving. If we all work hard it will be here before we know it!

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