New Lounge in WY ‘Maze’


New lounge chairs in Whitney Young Main Building. Photo taken by Naiya Wax-Groot

Naiya Wax-Groot

These past few days at school, there has been an exciting addition to the main building. Recently, Whitney Young has installed a comfy new lounge; big cushioned blue and orange chairs line the edges of the middle hallway on the first floor. Mr Swanson adds that the school paid for the seats using “The Capital Improvement Fund (through school fees)”,  and they wanted to provide this for the school community because “students came to tell us they didn’t have a place to sit to do homework/study after school on the first floor.” They wanted to take into consideration the people who have to wait after the bell rings at 3:15 or 3:20, since the arts and main building are usually cleared out pretty quick. This will bring more of a welcome atmosphere for everyone, students, teachers, visitors, administration, and more, into the building. They have already been a helpful part of interviews for DubTV, and a great place for students and faculty of the Specialized Services Department to hang out. Jordan Scheble ‘19 adds, “I think this is an awesome addition to the school, it’ll improve moral and bring more of a sense of community to the space.” Make sure to try them out, they’re super comfy.