How Festive Can Starbucks Get?


Sahara Thomas

Starbucks has always been known for their limited edition drinks, from the Pumpin Spice Latte during autumn to the different Frappichinos available throughout the year. However, holiday drinks have remained stagnant-until now. Starbucks announced a new drink, the Juniper Latte, described to have “hints of evergreen and pine along with juniper syrup”. This addiction has caused all the rage as it is the first time that a new holiday drink has been added since 2015. But the real question is? Does it taste good?


I brought a grande for about $5.00 before coming to school and asking some friends and passerbys what they thought of the drink. Serenity Toney ‘19 thought “it tasted like a regular latte, it just has some undertones that taste like a Christmas tea. It’s not bad but it’s also not good”. Christina Pang ‘19, liked the drink, saying it was “surprisingly good”. In my personal opinion, the description made it seem like it would taste like a Christmas tree- and it kind of did. Although the taste was not overwhelming, it definitely did have the pine taste described by Starbucks… at least they are being honest with their descriptions!


If you consider yourself to be an adventurous drinker, I strongly recommend trying out the Juniper Latte- it’s only available for the holidays!