Bacci Pizza Truck


Nicholas Bussey

Bacci Pizza truck sitting outside main office

Nicholas Bussey

New this year, if you have been anywhere near Whitney Young during the day, you should have seen this white truck parked outside the main office or by the arts bridge. Matt Cleary ‘20 “saw the truck [when crossing] the [arts] bridge, and didn’t know what they were doing there,” but was even more confused when he “came back four periods later and they were still there.” Now, thanks to this truck, students have easily accessible pizza to eat instead of walking further to get food in the area.

New this year, Bacci Pizzeria, located on Taylor St. just west of Loomis, has been sending trucks stocked with pizza slices to the school’s main entrance and arts bridge. For many students, like Clyde Carr ‘19 who “hadn’t eaten Bacci’s before the truck showed up,” the truck bearing $5 giant pizza slices with no wait added a convenience factor that resulted in him buying pizza he would not have otherwise bought. For students with a busy schedule that need a quick, cheap bite, the truck is a welcome addition to the Bacci’s appeal, especially considering the pizza is anywhere between $6-7 at the brick and mortar location on Taylor. The truck sells it for only $5!

However, the trip to the restaurant may be worth it for some. The pizza from the truck lacks the open environment and the warm, fresh out of the oven taste from the restaurant. It also only comes in cheese, pepperoni, sausage, and veggie, whereas the restaurant has more variety, including supreme and margherita varieties. An anonymous 8th grader who has eaten at both places “would rather go to the restaurant” because “it’s fresher [there] than when they have to drive it all the way here,” even though it means taking a short walk or driving down the street.

Overall, this is a win-win situation for WY students seeking cheap, fast pizza, as well as the Bacci Pizzeria which has no doubt experienced a surplus of sales over the past months due to the pizza truck. That said, with the increase in pizza around the school, make sure to clean up your trash so that pizza boxes aren’t lying around the lunchrooms and other odd corners of the school!