Visits in the Counseling Suite

Jalen Lewis, Editor

Here at Whitney Young in case you weren’t already aware, you can talk to college representatives in the counseling suite. Talking to college representatives provides prospective students with more insight into the college and what the admissions directors are looking for. Lauren Norman ‘19 says, “ I think they’re essential especially because I know people, including me, don’t have the opportunity to visit every college on their list, so to be able to talk to a representative directly about their college and for them to answer your questions in person I think is really beneficial in helping you decide whether or not that college is a fit for you.” These college visits are even beneficial to those who aren’t seniors and may not have spent the most time looking into colleges yet. Ashley Razo ‘20 texts, “I think that college visits are very helpful in determining what college is best for you because you can think that a certain school is for you but u don’t actually know until u get there and see it for yourself.” The college representatives coming to the school are extremely beneficial to those who may not be able to travel to every school that they plan to apply to. Amaja Craft ‘20 texts, “ I think the college representatives coming are beneficial and I plan to use them to my advantage when I’m thinking about applying to a school.” If students are interested in looking at the colleges that may visit they may go to Naviance and look at the college schedule.