Running of the Girls Controversy

Gracie Holmes

Homecoming week is always filled with immense spirit, excitement, and tradition. Homecoming wouldn’t be homecoming without Flip the Dolphin charming all of us, the dance and poms teams blowing our minds, or even the annual running of the senior girls across Rockne Stadium at the Homecoming Game. A tradition that is loved by many has become controversial in more recent events.

Photo credits to Lilly Holmes ‘17

People have begun to ask the question of “Why can’t boys run across the field, too?” This sparked a discussion of what running across the field really means to them. Some claim that since school is a place where our bodies are shamed, running around wearing whatever they want is a liberation of women that should be sacred. “Running across the field has been a standing tradition and it is something that most girls look forward to since freshman year. If boys want a special moment during that week, I am sure there would be another time,” stated Sonia Meisner ‘19. Another student who supports the idea of boys running across the field says, “Boys are also a part of the senior class and we should be all inclusive,” Lauren Williamson ‘19.

This tradition is not a school regulated event and school officials have never tried to change it. There is no input to be given by administrators on boys being able to run. Male students could run onto the field if they so please, however there may be backlash from the female seniors. So, is it time that we start making this into a senior-wide run instead of girls only?