Whitney Young Students Support Voter Registration


Lily Everett ’18

Dearborn Plys, Editor

This week at Whitney Young students, directed by teacher Natalie Leki, held a voter registration drive. A number of Whitney Young students became certified registrars, and more just volunteered to help out with getting the word out, or presenting at long division on Wednesday.

On Monday, Vic Mensa, WY Class of 2011, came back to visit and to bring attention to the issue of voter registration. He spoke to a crowd of students in rapt attention and stirred up excitement when he stayed the rest of the day, signing autographs and taking photos with newly registered voters.

In preparation for the drive, volunteers took portraits of students, and made a beautiful installation. At the top of this article are some of these portraits, spelling out “We Could Be Free”, a slogan of Vic Mensa’s.

Whitney Young students seem to really care about this important issue. Eden Strong ‘18, Board Member of PRIDE Club says that “Voter registration is the first step in making sure everyone’s voices are heard.” Another student, Ivy Weston ‘19 had this to say about people who thought the voter drive was unnecessary “People who are snide about the importance of a voting drive are part of the problem, and why we have an incompetent demon in our highest office.”

Overall, the voter registration drive was big success, and a joyful Ms Leki told me, “We were able to register 170 people over the course of three days.”