Mixtapes to Remixes: The Power of Music-Streaming Through Soundcloud

“Check out my mixtape on Soundcloud!” This is a phrase that has been coined as a common representation of Soundcloud. Soundcloud is not only a music and podcast streaming platform, but it is a tool that allows people to express their original songs or remixes independently. Originally based in Berlin, Germany by Swedish sound designer Alexander Ljung and Swedish artist Eric Wahlforss, the app is meant to allow musicians to share their music with each other, but the platform has transformed into a medium that recording artists use to distribute their own music.

“Soundcloud is really nice for low key or up-and-coming artists or music,” says Shayanna Love, ‘17. “It’s also a nice place to drop mix tapes or free music.” Soundcloud’s ability to allow anyone to share their music without money or a label has led to its success, and the app is gaining popularity in many countries. Many popular musicians use Soundcloud as their main sources or distributing music. Chance the Rapper is a prominent example of the success that can be attained through the streaming-only app. As an independent artist, Chance the Rapper uses Soundcloud as his way of sharing his music to the public without the hassle of buying it. He is now the owner of 3 Grammy awards, a BET award, and many more, and it is noted that in his acceptances speeches, he mentions Soundcloud for “holding him down.”

Although Soundcloud is an easy way to share music, it is not popular amongst everyone, especially to people outside of the United States.

“I have never heard of it,” says Marina Emblem, a 16-year-old Norwegian student. “But it seems like it is a cool way of listening to music.” However, Soundcloud is an easy way to share music through independent artists and the general public. People will be streaming their mixtapes from all across the world in the future.