Round-Up: 70 Days of Summer

Creative Commons 2022

Creative Commons 2022

Olivia Schuler, Staff Writer


Creative Commons 2022

CPS sends their students back to school on August 22nd, leaving students with a shortened summer. Most have been used to starting after the holiday, but the past few years have left kids and teens alike back in the classrooms around mid-August. Some may enjoy the early start, but others deem it as hectic. Some students and parents took the time to sit down and share their opinions on the early start of the school year. 

Ella S. (middle school), shares her opinion on it. “I don’t think that it was fair that we had to go back earlier,” she states. “We won’t even be getting out of school much sooner for the next summer. It felt the same as if we were to have gone back in September, but it was annoying that our summer got cut short,” she concludes. Matilde V. (high school) says that “It’s annoying to be sitting inside all day when the end of August brings some pretty good weather to the city.” Elsa B. (high school), adds that she “is glad to be getting out of school a bit earlier than usual, though it’s a weird change to be back in school so early.” 

All students have their own opinions on the topic, varying from weather to getting out earlier, and even not caring about it at all. It may affect some families’ schedules, as they aren’t used to the sooner start. Alex, a mom to middle and high school students says that she “prefers an after Labor Day start, because some extracurricular activity practices begin well before August, sometimes even starting in late July, which can cut downtime for students even shorter.” 

Mia M. (high school) says she actually likes the start in August as it “will leave more time for early plans in the summer like sleepaway camp and early summer activities.” Noah T. (high school) also agrees, saying “It allows for a longer summer break and extended breaks during the school year.” Joe, a parent of CPS kids states that he “wasn’t a fan of the switch, because we need more time to be kids and have a longer mental health break.” Summer is a great time for all students to relax and have lots of time away from school. CPS claims that they sent their students back to school earlier because “the district opted for it because it was supported by the majority of administrators, school leaders, central office staff members, and students” (Chicago Tribune). The start date of August 22nd is one of the earliest CPS starting dates known. 

There are many different opinions about the shortened summer, but CPS plans to go back around the same time next school year. Whether it be a good or bad decision, students are approaching about a month back in classrooms. Students, families, and teachers alike all weigh in on the idea, but of course, CPS will make the final call each year.