Surviving the Holidays Amid a Pandemic

Margaret Meyers, Writer/Editor


As the holidays are fast approaching, families across the country are wondering what their celebrations will look like this year, and as COVID-19 are on the rise in Illinois, it is inevitable that some traditions will be changed. Whether it is a large family gathering or Trick-or-Treating, people of every age are preparing to take precautions in order to safely celebrate some of their favorite holidays. 

The Beacon was eager to speak with some students to see what their plans are for this upcoming holiday season, and what traditions are changing for them. Phoebe Vanna ‘22, a student at Lane Tech High School, told the Beacon, “Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because, well, who doesn’t love free candy? But due to Coronavirus I will be unable to Trick-or-Treat and get free candy because I should not get into a 6 foot radius with people outside of my pod.” A similar sentiment about limiting the number of people that are in contact with students can be found regarding Thanksgiving. Libby Gardner ‘24, a student at Walter Payton College Prep, spoke to the Beacon about the differences in her Thanksgiving traditions this year, saying, “Our Thanksgiving is going to be very different because we won’t be able to be with our extended family, which is over 30 people. Instead, we are going to have a small dinner with the 5 people in my house.” The idea of avoiding large crowds was also shared by Whitney Young Senior, Nina Charlier ‘21. She told the Beacon, “My family goes to the Christkindlmarket every Christmas Eve, and we’ve done it for 15 years. This will be the first year we are not going.” As expressed by many students, this holiday season will definitely look different than years past, but there are still some safe ways to celebrate, such as FaceTime calls with relatives or creating holiday themed masks. Whatever your holiday plans are this upcoming season, make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to still enjoy this time of year safely.