A COVID-19 Halloween


Nico DeGrazia, editor

Nico DeGrazia


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A COVID-19 Halloween

During a time in our lives with so much uncertainty ahead, I understand that the one thing that can lift our spirits is Halloween. Now, during a global pandemic where over a million people have lost their lives to COVID-19, Halloween needs to be done differently this year to prevent further spread of this virus. Saving lives is much more important than trick or treating or Halloween parties. That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to do on Halloween. Here are some ideas for how you can safely spend your Halloween. 


We must remember that Halloween is not an excuse to stop being safe. No matter the day, we should all be practicing safe social distancing, wearing our face masks, preventing large gatherings, and washing our hands. 


Joe N’22 says, “I will be meeting my friends in a public park where we will all be wearing masks and socially distancing ourselves.” This is a great idea as long as the regular safety precautions are followed. 


Virtual Halloween parties: Just because you can’t go to a party doesn’t mean you can’t have a blast with your friends and family on Halloween. You could host a Zoom, Google Meet, or even Skype call with all of your favorite people from home! Although this is a bit different than regular parties, there are many fun things to do over the screen. You can share your screen and watch spooky movies or have a virtual costume contest. This way also ensures that there will be no mess to clean up after the party, and how neat is that? 


Halloween Drive by: If you really want to see your friends and family, host a limited Halloween drive by! Your friends and family can dress up in their coolest costumes and drive by to show off and wave hello from at least six feet. You can even prepare a goodie bag table at the curb for families to pick up, as long as they promise to spray the bags with disinfectant after. Emily Servin ‘21 will also be doing a safe drive by. She says, “I think that a drive-by is a great idea to stay safe while being able to get a taste of Halloween.”


Rosalinda G’25 says, “we are still in a pandemic and need to be as safe as possible no matter if it’s a holiday or not.” No matter how you celebrate Halloween this year, just remember that there will be one next year and years after that, so we must work together this year to ensure that we keep our loved ones and neighbors safe.