Why is Juul Allowed on Television?

Autumn Caldwell, Editor

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Why is Juul Allowed on Television?

Autumn Caldwell

October 2, 2019

  Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik is the maker of the e-cigarette. People are wondering why juul ads aren’t being banned off of television since cigarette ads are banned. Cigarettes have been banned off of television and radio for almost 50 years. The new trend is using these electronically based nicotine products. Some people believe this is a great alternative for people who smoke cigarettes. But, teens are starting to get onto this trend and use the product since all of their famous stars are advertising the product.“I think it can be on tv, but just not marketed for teens,” says Queen Hakim, ‘20. More data on the dangers of vaping is starting to come out and it has already killed six students! There are 450 cases of student having injuries applied to their lungs from the e-cigarettes. 


Students from Whitney M. Young Magnet High School had these opinions on whether juuls should be allowed on television.“I don’t think they should have to take what them down because people can smoke what they want,” says Shaniyia Shittu, ‘22.“I’m not educated enough on the side effects of juuling to say if they should or not.” Hailey Love, ‘21. Juul might be a better alternative for adult smokers ,but it is hurting teenagers getting involved. Jury is still out on whether this is just as bad as cigarettes.

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