You’re late!

Youre late!

Sylvia Love

You’re late! Most students receive those words during first period or any other period where they are, in fact, technically late. Recently, the weather has been changing but that’s nothing new for Chicago. As the weather changes, drivers become more cautious and public transportation takes a little longer. So do you think it’s fair that students with this reason are marked tardy for first period? After all, traffic is utterly out of their control. I gathered the opinions of some fellow dolphins. Student Jeremiah Shade ‘21 says, “People really don’t know how to walk fast in the hallways and hold others up. Also I am not going to run from class to class if I have to go from the arts building to the gym, especially when I can’t cross underneath the bridge anymore. If anything give students 5 more minutes after the bell.”. Queen Hakin ‘20 says, “It’s unfair because we are all coming from different parts of the city, especially if the weather is bad; you deal with delays and some teachers don’t even give you one minute.”. Some other issues that could sprout is swimming. Students are expected to make themselves presentable for the next class so that they aren’t dripping in water everywhere in only five minutes. More time should be given to girls given that they have to do a little more. Student Siauna Respress ‘20 took it into a deeper matter and said, “If you were to tell your boss at work that your car broke down, you’ll get a pass every now and then. School should prepare us for the real world where things like this actually happen.” Never thought of it like that. All in all, try your best to get to class on time! But I can not tell a story, I am tardy sometimes. Oops!