First Wave of College Applications


Crystal Lin

November 1st was the first deadline for most college applications. This deadline was for early action, restrictive early action and early decision, depending on the college. Some seniors applied to colleges abroad and also ones close to home.


I asked some student about their college app experience.

“I SUBMITTED!” exclaims Fiona Chen ‘19.

“Don’t even talk about it,” groans Joshua Chin ‘19.

“I was stressed. I finished 3 colleges in 3 days,” says Elizabeth Mota ‘19.

“I already maxed out my Common App. I’m working on my Coalition App,” Christine Mui ‘19 says tiredly.

“I was pretty happy. I didn’t submitted to a lot of colleges, but I started in September, which paid off,” says Thomas Douglas ‘19.


I also asked them if they had any regrets.

“I should have started earlier, over the summer,” sighs Fiona Chen ‘19.

“Not starting it earlier,” Elizabeth Mota ‘19 laughs.

“I only applied early to one college. I should have done more,” says Render Symanski ‘19.


The next deadline is November 30th for the University of California Schools. And January 1st for many colleges either early decision II and regular decision.


“Seniors may have conquered the first battle but there is still the war,” declared Fiona Chen ‘19. The grind never stops.