The Hottest Third Thursday of the Year


Crystal Lin

Chicago reached a record-high temperature of 93°F on Thursday, September 20th at O’Hare International Airport. However, according to Weather Channel forecasts, the temperature will drop about 30°F by Friday, September 28th the day of Whitney Young’s homecoming game.

Many students were glad that it was a Third Thursday that day. They were able to enjoy the last day of warm weather with school letting out early. Fiona Chen ‘19 remarked, “My friends and I went to the beach together to celebrate completing the first two weeks of school!” Some students also used the warm weather as an excuse to get some drinks at Vivi Bubble Tea. Joyce Lin ‘21 exclaimed, “I just needed to cool down with a cold drink!”

However, many students and teachers were thankful for the Third Thursday in a different way. Ms. Nelson explained, “It was way too hot in the classroom during eight period. If it was a regular day, we would have melted by 3 o’clock.”  

This last Saturday was the first day of Fall with the autumn equinox, so the drastic change in temperature was timed very well. Enjoy the fall weather while you can! No one knows what the Chicago winter will bring this year.