Local student surprised they’ve managed to keep their New Year’s resolution so far:

Enrique Eguiguren

“It’s like, I don’t think I’m better than anyone just cause I did what they can’t. I just like the recognition” says Dearborn Plys (‘19) as she easily lifts a 300 lb dumbbell. “To be honest, I didn’t think I’d make it this far, either… but you can’t argue with the results.” She smiles and flexes her bicep, showing off her bulging muscles and new tattoo. It’s a no frills affair, just a date: 1/5/18, the day of the first bodybuilding competition she ever entered (and won).

Dearborn is, to the Beacon’s current intel, the only person who managed to stick to their New Year’s resolution past 3 days. Now, ten days into the year, she’s pushed herself to heights medical science didn’t believe possible. Senior researcher at Dabson University, Khadijat Durajaiye, explains: “It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. To be honest, I didn’t think it was humanly possible. I mean, ten days? I normally cave at the end of day two. Oh and also she has superhuman strength.”

When I asked Dearborn if she thought she of her achievement (and superpowers) as a blessing or a curse, she just laughed. “I don’t really think about it like that. I’m not different from anyone else. I don’t think there’s anything good or bad about it. I’m not gonna go run around in a suit… I’m not immortal, just bulletproof.” Despite that, as she paces around her room, filled with posters of Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime and letters asking her for sponsorship deals, she does seem to focus on the good she could do. Yesterday she stopped a truck with her bare hand when it was going to run into a drunk man in the street, and she talks about the rush she got from saving him. How good it felt. Perhaps Dearborn is better than all of us. She’s certainly stronger.