Understanding Everybody Hates Chris

Chris Nguyen, Editor, GOAT

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With the first two episodes of Everybody Hates Chris out, we have reached a confusing point in the series. The question of “what’s going on?” lingers in the mind of each viewer. Parker Ljung ‘18 demonstrated his confusion by telling us “why did it become a textbook?” Let me help you understand what’s going on, starting with Episode One.

This first episode serves as an introduction to the characters and who they are. Chris N is the varsity basketball jock with all the friends and lives the best life. Chris L is the nerd who doesn’t have a lot of friends and gets bullied. They both find themselves at the basketball tryouts with Chris N as the obvious superior.

The second episode is a continuation. After the roster is revealed, it shows that Chris N didn’t make the team, surprisingly. Chris L somehow makes the team due to some “error”, which causes a lot of confusion between the characters and the audience. The dream scene is reasoning for some of the misunderstandings. Chris N is dreaming that he is on the Chicago Bulls and is playing the NBA Finals, a dream for every basketball player. With the final seconds on the clock, the team entrusts the game into Chris’ hands. When passed the ball, it becomes a textbook. This is meant to contradict his athletic attitude by throwing something academic at him, causing his failure. Though the rest of the plot can not be revealed, this episode serves as intro to the rest of the series.

Chris Nguyen ‘18, who plays as Chris N in the show, has this to say about the past two episodes. “The series could use a lot of work and we are definitely going to improve in the future, but as of now we are introducing some tension within the plot line. Jokes and humor will lead the way.”


Christopher Nguyen ‘18

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Understanding Everybody Hates Chris