Roy Moore may still win

Enrique Eguiguren


For those who don’t yet know, Roy Moore is a 70-year-old Republican running for a US Senate seat in Alabama. He was recently accused of sexual assaulting 3 women, two of whom were underage, among several other crimes.

The details of what he did are deeply disturbing for a number of reasons, whether it be the act itself, the way he abused these girls’ trust, or the fact that even the one who wasn’t underage still had an age gap between the two that was over a decade long. It was not rape, by any definition, yet it was absolutely sexual assault. In a better world, allegations like these, backed by incredibly strong reporting by the Washington Post, would get Moore to drop out of the race.

As of Friday, November 10th, Moore has declined to drop out of the race. You know why he hasn’t, despite the allegations coming from a Pulitzer and Peabody winning source that has done extensive research into this case? Because he knows he can still win. This is Alabama after all, in the Republican party, in the age of Donald Trump, a known (and admitted) sex offender.

Not that there’s been no pushback within his own party, but in the Alabama Republican Party they have held strong behind Moore. Republican National Convention Chairman Paul Reynolds said he trusted Vladimir Putin more than the Washington Post, despite its credentials. Another Republican, Alabama State Auditor Jim Zeigler, said there was “nothing to see here” and compared the age gap for Moore with the biblical age gap between Joseph and Mary. That happened. A real human being said that.

And while there has been limited pushback from the national Republican Party, even there Moore’s found support. Sean Hannity didn’t retract his support of Moore, blaming “Soros funded left-wing radical groups” for twisting his words, but standing by his support of the accused pedophile.

Moore may still win. At this point in the campaign, if I was a gambling man, I wouldn’t stop betting on Moore. Not that I think he’s innocent, I’d bet you a million dollars that he’s guilty. But Moore doesn’t have to worry about the allegations that much. Despite the hypocrisy of a man of faith engaging in such actions, he still holds a better chance than an Alabama Democrat. He has Trump’s support, and he has vehemently (yet cowardly) denied the allegations. There are others who say they would still support Moore even if he was a sexual assaulting pedophile.

Hopefully, the truth will come out and everyone who supported Moore will feel properly embarrassed and ashamed by this. But even if the allegations are proven to be true, Moore  still might get a chance to be referred to as “The Honorable Senator from Alabama.”