Top 10 free apps for this school year


Zoe Davis

The 2014-2015 school year has begun. It’s time to make sure that we have pencils, notebooks, pens, binders, and apps? Apps for phones and tablets are some of the best school supplies to stay organize and complete assignments on the go. Here are some must-have free apps for surviving this school year.

quizlet   Quizlet

Available for iOS and Android


Need to memorize vocab words for that Spanish quiz? No problem. With this app, you can make flash cards and play games to help you memorize that information. You can also sync the app with a account so you can study from home, school, or on the go.

easybib-app-icon   EasyBib

Available for iOS and Android


EasyBib is the quickest way to make A+ bibliographies in MLA, APA or Chicago style. Just type the name or scan the barcode of a book and create a bibliography in seconds. A must for tackling any research paper.


images   myHomework Student Planner

Available for iOS, Android, Windows and Kindle Fire


This app allows you to save your schedule as well as homework, tests, and projects on your phone or tablet. It even can send notifications to remind you when important stuff is happening. The app also rewards you for completing your assignments by emailing you coupons or deals such as a free 2-week subscription to Hulu Plus.


images (1)Google Drive

Available for iOS and Android


Google’s cloud-based word processor allows you to start an assignment on the computer or on a device and then continue it anywhere. To get started, all you will need is a Google account. The ability to share documents with several people makes group projects much easier.


images (2)   Khan Academy

Available for iOS, Android and Windows


With more than 4,000 videos on a multitude of topics, this app is perfect if you need a tough concept explained at your own pace. The videos are also able to be downloaded right to your device to watch offline.


myscript-calculator   MyScript Calculator

Available for iOS and Android


This is no ordinary calculator. Just write a math problem on the screen and the app will solve it. A good tool that allows you to instantly solve handwritten equations without punching in numbers


dic Dictionary and Thesaurus

Available for iOS, Android, Windows, and Nook


A staple for any English class, this app contains more than 2 million words with the ability to hear pronunciations and look up word origins. The app also contains a translator with more than 30 languages and even gives a word of the day, which is perfect for building an ACT and SAT ready vocabulary.


google    Google Translate

Available for iOS, Android, and Windows

Free for iOS and Android. $0.99 for Windows

Although not recommended for translating full sentences from English to another language, this app is good if you are stuck on a word in a passage, or if you need to hear a word aloud. The iOS app allows you to speak, type, or write a word or phrase and the Android app allows you to take a photo of words in another language and can translate it.


ACT   ACTStudent

Available for iOS


Prepping for the ACT? This app, created by the makers of the test, has practice questions so you can practice wherever. The app also allows you to check your scores.


mind   Simplemind

Available for iOS, Android


This app is a great way to create mind maps when brainstorming for a paper or project.