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How to make it to class in time

Chris Nguyen ('18), Editor, GOAT

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The defining difference between seniors and ackies is their technique between class transitions. Perhaps, this fluctuation in movements comes from experiences over time. As a newcomer to Whitney Young, you might find yourself worried about upsetting the intimidating teachers. This fear may lead you to running to your classes and struggling to exert a “hello” as you pass by your closest friends; with this you manage to make it a few minutes before the bell. As compared to seniors, who delay arrival as much as possible. While some teachers enforce tardies, seniors understand that most teachers will disregard a slightly late entry. Patrick Timlin ‘18, had this to say about his routine between class : “I’ll stop by my locker, chat with some friends, get some water, and even walk a fellow student to class.” These are on opposite sides of the spectrum in terms of arrival techniques. So what makes the perfect trip between classes? Let me tell you.

The perfect trip requires the balance of self gratification and internal drive. Don’t be afraid to stop by your locker and talk to your friends. Ryan Zhu ‘19 added on by saying “you are not required to be only a student, stop and be a teen.” This being said, be on time to class. Don’t destroy your credibility by talking to your friends for too long and never arrive to class on time. The perfect combination is to arrive on class to time, but don’t rush, you have more time than you think.

Christopher Nguyen

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How to make it to class in time