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Streaking: a tradition to continue?

Calyn Jael O'Banion, Editor

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Whitney Young has many traditions. One particular tradition that has had some recent controversy has been the tradition of “streaking” at the homecoming game. “Streaking” is when the senior girls run out on the field during halftime while wearing sports bras. This tradition has been going strong for many years, but this year some people’s opinions have changed about it. While some people still enjoy watching and participating in the annual fun, others see it as demeaning and unnecessary. Camryn Salter ‘18, a one-time streaker,  has always enjoyed the tradition and had this to say, “Ever since I was in seventh grade, I always dreamed of getting my moment to run on the field with my friends. As a senior, I feel like it is a right of passage to be able to run out during the game.” Contrary to Camryn’s beliefs, Tyler Bady ‘18, who did not participate, views the tradition as misogynistic and said that “I think that women’s bodies are beautiful but should not be put display.” These are just a couple examples of the differing opinions that roam through the halls of Whitney Young. If you have ever witnessed “streaking” or have participated in it, what are your thoughts? Email me @ [email protected] or leave a comment.

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Streaking: a tradition to continue?