Changing the game: one shade at a time

Terrie Briggs

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Makeup is truly a girl’s best friend but who would want a best friend that does not recognize them? In the past, makeup brands have been notorious for their lack of consideration to those women of darker shades. Basically, if your skin was even a tad bit darker than a good piece of toast your chances of finding the right foundation or concealer were slim to none. Yes, some companies have products meant for the chocolate goddesses of the world but the mainstream brands of makeup refuses to acknowledge them.

Recently, the famous singer Rihanna blew this injustice to the front of everyone’s timeline. She released her new line of makeup entitled “Fenty” which mirrors the name of her clothing brand partnered with Puma and various other brands. The line graciously offers 40 shades of matte foundation, 30 colored makeup sticks, and 6 shades of highlighter. Aaliyah Taylor, ‘20, appreciates the advancement in the cosmetic industry, “I think that it’s a great step for the world of makeup as it’ll open doors for future companies that have inclusive shades as well as influencing current companies to do the same.” The purpose of the line, in the mainstream’s opinion, is to include women of all colors giving them the opportunity to partake in makeup trends if they please. The fact that some women of color did not have the option was the problem itself but with this new light shining on the issue, females can have hope for a brighter, or maybe darker, tomorrow in the makeup industry.


Rihanna”s Fenty Makeup line

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Changing the game: one shade at a time