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WY students perform impressive German Wheel routine at Homecoming pep rally

Camille Argentar

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At the annual Homecoming pep rally, WY students were excited to see the acts to perform. The cheerleading squad had just energized the crowd, and Dr. Kenner was set to announce an astounding amount of accomplishments. The senior section was as energetic as ever, with “1-8” chants erupting almost as soon as the rally began. The typical teams — Cheer, Poms, and Guys and Dolls — were set to take to the floor, and the soccer team was ready to enter. Murmurs in the crowd arose as two giant wheels were rolled onto the gym floor, accompanied by two WY students, Mearieta Clemente ‘19 and Aiken Thompson ‘19. The two quietly discussed their performance with Dr. Kenner, and they took the floor to tremendous applause.

Mearieta Clemente ’19 performs a split on the German Wheel.

 The performance began individually, with each of the duo performing stunning acts on their own wheel, including Clemente going into a split across the wheel’s bars and rolling to 180 degrees. Thompson followed by spinning up to the top of the wheel and standing, waving triumphantly to the crowd. The pair then went into stunts together, with Thompson helping Clemente into a back layout on the top of the wheel, pointing to the audience with glee. The two finished by both stretching out in one wheel and spinning nearly parallel to the floor, but never touching the ground with their bodies.

Aiken Thompson ’19 stands on top of the German Wheel, waving to the crowd.

As they finished, they bowed to standing ovations on both sides. Jan Balan ‘18 said she “never would have expected that from [Clemente and Thompson], but it was amazing!” The two hope to continue practicing in hopes of joining the national team.





(from left to right) Aiken Thompson (’19) and Mearieta Clemente (’19) celebrate after completing their routine.

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WY students perform impressive German Wheel routine at Homecoming pep rally