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Student Profile

Shayla Isada

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Brad Isada is currently a junior and part of the Math Team. He’s a really nice guy, and everyone should get to know him. I asked him a couple questions to get more of a handle on him:

What is your name?

Brad Isada


What year do you graduate?



What’s the best part about being a Dolphin?

I always really liked seeing everything that’s going on in the school, like plays, concerts, shows; they’re always so interesting


What’s the worst part of being a Dolphin?

Daily commute


What are your plans for the future?

Getting through my last year of high school and getting into college


What are some interests that you have developed?

I really like science and math and kind of what to go into something in one of those fields


What do you spend the most time on that others might not consider productive?

Video games, definitely


If you hadn’t been a Dolphin, where would you have gone to HS and how would that have impacted your life?

I don’t know, I’m a frackie so I really have no idea where I would’ve gone; maybe Northside or Payton?


Is there a quote you live by or one you might suggest for others?

I don’t really have a quote in mind, but just- I don’t know, “don’t be a jerk,” I guess.


Is there anything else you want to say?

Um… ?

Brad Isada is smart and straightforward. He may not a man of many words but this student profile is enough to get a feel for his personality.

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