Top 5 Reasons You Should Join a Sports Team


Rosalba Valdez

We all loved gym class in elementary school and whether we ever were part of a sports team in school or not, we all have thought about it. Here are the top five reasons you should join a sports team now, whether in high school, college or just at a local park.

  1. You will be active because of it and healthier!

Joining a sports team comes with many benefits, but one of the best things it does is that it gives your body a good exercise. Most people don’t get enough exercise. So, a sport is a very good way to get your heart beating faster. Through the law of translation you will be a healthier person!

  1. You will be a better team player, have better social skills, manage stress better, and gain self-esteem.

Having to work with other people for a common goal always results in better team playing skills and social skills. Better social skills then lead to better self-esteem, as you gain confidence in yourself for the smallest of things, like making the right moves/decisions in your game, or just in life.

  1. You will make new friends.

Many people already know that when you join a team you are basically becoming a part of another family. Of course, there will be teammates you might not get along with, but you will definitely bond with some. Many people who play sports are best friends with people in their own teams, by no coincidence. So if you’re looking to bond with some new people, a sport is a great way to go (as long as you like the sport also).

  1. Rewarding – gives you a common goal to work hard for and look forward to with your teammates.

As mentioned, your team will be like a family since you are all in it for a common goal and will struggle and win together. This will give you a rewarding feeling every time you win a game, and it will also be rewarding when you add the activity to your college applications and resume and then get accepted to the college of your choice/job!

  1. Whether experienced or not, you will learn something new.

It is most likely that if you are joining a sports team for the first time, you will go in knowing at least the basics of the sport. What is also most likely, is that whether you are a beginner in terms of playing with a team or have played all your life, you will always come out of every game/practice with new knowledge – new knowledge about your abilities, the game, your peers, and so on.

These are the top 5 reasons you should join a sports team, especially if you have always wanted to try one and never had the guts. Go head on for it, you won’t regret it!