The Dolphin’s Road to State


The Varsity Boy’s Basketball team has been dominating their competition on their journey to get down state. To reach their goal, there are 5 games they need to win: 2 Regional games, 2 Sectional games, and 1 Super Sectional game. Last week, the Dolphins received the award for being Regional Champions, defeating Riverside-Brookfield (Whitney Young 97, Riverside-Brookfield 65) and Lincoln Park (Whitney Young 66, Lincoln Park 54) to earn the title. Senior guard, Lucas Williamson was a force on the court. Lucas Williamson has been one of the most productive players in the city over the past four years. He arrived at Young with plenty of hype, expected to be one of the best freshmen in the state. Now, he is working on becoming the best senior in the state. He, in addition to other players on the team, believes that this is their year to win the “State Champions” title. “Everyone on this team believes in each other and what we can achieve as a unit. If we all come together and all lock in and buy in as a team, ultimately, we can grind out games like we have been doing” (Senior Captain, Lucas Williamson, ’17).

The rest of the journey for the team will be more challenging than the previous games. As a part of Proviso East’s Sectional, the team will face off against Kenwood at Proviso East at seven o’clock, Wednesday, March 8, 2017. This is not the first time the Dolphins will go up against Kenwood. They first saw them at the Chicago Elite Classic in December 2016. Unfortunately, the Kenwood Broncos reigned victorious over the Dolphins with a score of 69-67. The Dolphins saw the Broncos again at a chance to play in the Final Four in the City. The Dolphins  got their revenge and beat Kenwood with a score of 80-58. Javon Freeman, ’18 junior guard, says, “It’s just all about focus and focusing on the little things in the games. Just remember our names, because we are coming.” Javon “The Transfer” Freeman has become one of the best players in the City in the past month, according to sports reporter, Michael O’Brien.

With the addition of juniors Xavier Castaneda, Justin Boyd, Jake Kosakowski, as well as lockdown defender, Craig Beaudion, the Dolphins are more determined than ever. Craig Beaudion, ’17 senior guard, said, “Every game from this point forward is a grind. It’s a game of who wants it more, rather than a game based on talent.” The Dolphins are locked in and ready to reign Class 4A State Champions on March 18, 2017, but first they must advance through their Sectional, Super-Sectional, and win the State Semifinal. It’s going to be a journey to remember, and nobody wants to miss this ride.