The Most Important Man of the Day: Mr. Stanley Jones Jr


Though the 2014-2015 school year introduced free breakfast and lunch to all CPS students, many Whitney Young students did not participate, and at one point in the 2015-2016 school year, the breakfast program was on the verge of ending. With the help of enthusiastic chef Mr. Stanley Jones Jr. and his desire to provide breakfast to all students, the program was saved, and there was an increase in students eating the morning meal on a regular basis. The rise in the number of students eating meant a boost in the meal staff’s energy, so it was only right to take a look at a day in the life of the beloved chef, Mr. Jones.

Mr. Jones moved from the elementary to the high school level, and has been at Whitney Young for three years now. His daily schedule includes breakfast and lunch (3-7) period rushes and hectic office work and deadlines, balanced by the comfort and quiet of fresh air and family dinner. He enjoys interacting with students of diverse backgrounds, however, he says it is challenging to accommodate everyone’s needs (allergy restrictions, religious restrictions, general preferences) while still providing tasty food we will all enjoy.
Outside of school, Mr. Jones is both the president and a coach of a Chatham youth baseball team. He alternates coaching weekly practice slots with fellow fathers, and the council meets once a month. In the most recent meeting, Mr. Jones proposed the construction of a Nature Trail that runs through Dawes Park where the boys practice at. In addition to the baseball organization and the council Mr. Jones sits on, he runs a catering service, where peach cobbler, macaroni, chicken and are his most frequent requests.

When Mr. Jones is not working, he is cooking for and taking care of his large family. He is the proud father of four children, one of which attends Whitney Young. Every night, besides Friday, either he or his wife cooks family dinner. Friday is their off night and Mr.Jones asks his kids what they want to order for dinner. Even then, though, the meal must be quality food; a chef expects nothing less.