The stress aside from your dress

Prom is coming up and seniors are starting to feel pressured about getting all their plans organized. In addition to stressing over outfits, rides, hair, and pictures, they have to worry about who they’re going to prom with. Everyone is used to the typical prom night seen in those classic movies such as the horror “Carrie” (haha) and comedy “Back to the Future” (wow, time travel!) They have a great photo session, dance the night away, and end up at either an amazing after party or sipping on milkshakes at the dine-in nearby (what is this, the 1950s ?).

Clearly, finding a prom date seems to be the biggest issue. But is a date the best option? Sure, you’ll have a person to take nice pictures and dance with, and you’ll get your family to shush about the issue of your single life (at least for the night), however, you shouldn’t feel pressured to get one. You can still have the time of your life going with a group of friends.

Prom is a night that you’ll want to look back on and remember fondly. You definitely shouldn’t be uncomfortable, and what’s more uncomfortable than taking a random date that you hardly talk to and have to spend six plus hours with? You’ve spent a good majority (or at least your favorite moments) of your time with your close friends. With them, you can take goofy pictures, do whatever you want, and not have to deal with someone clinging onto your side. If anything, take one of your good friends as a date to get all the perks in one.

Remember that this could possibly be the last night you’ll have with a lot of your peers before graduation, so make the absolute best of it.