Artists to Watch

Joshua Minster, Contributing Writer

As I built your playlist I noticed if I didn’t open your ear I would be failing you. This time around we will be focusing on artists that push the limits of music as a whole. Artists that truly represent the far left field of music. This is dedicated to those who are not only outside the box but create as if it never existed.

It gets no more outside the box than Zelooperz. The 28 year old prodigé of Earl Sweatshirt is as outlandish as unpredictable. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform live and I still do not think words can describe his show. There were times where his words would be incomprehensible but the crowd would be out of control merily off the feeling in his voice, and there were times the crowd was silenced, and almost brought to tears by his lyricism. His breakout album entitled “Van Gogh’s Left Ear” is fitting for his eccentric personality. Pitchfork magazine described Zelooperz album as “a display of chaotic creativity”(Pitchfork). To get a gage for Zelooperz range as a artist I would suggest listening to “Battery”, “Bigger than me”, and “ Just me”.

Kenny Mason
“I pull a string and it might make a symphony” (Chevron). I struggled thinking of how to begin this description so I decided literally let the music speak for itself. The 26 year old Atlanta native sits right between Nirvana and Kendrick Lamar. He burst quickly burst on the scene with hit song ironically entitled “hit”. Soon after his Rock influences became more apparent on his debut album “Angelic Hoodrat” with songs like “Play ball”. Recently Kenny Mason has appeared on the new Dreamville album on the intro song “Stick”. Earmilk magazine described Kenny’s verse in few but powerful words “ Kenny Mason appears after the chorus and goes ballistic”. I would highly suggest listening to “Stick” and “Hit” to feel Kenny mason’s entire wraith.

Paris Texas
If I could begin this with a symphony of explosions you would begin to understand Paris Texas. They’re loud in your face and give nothing but pure energy. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced a more confusing sound. Their songs feel like Heavy metal but their rapping. Every song feels like an experience often having beat and melody changes. Their music videos only add to the madness of their music. Every video is shot like a mini movie. AnOther magazine described their hit song “Heavy Metal” as “an electric rap track with a spiky punk bassline, rock guitars and deafening crash cymbals, a sound reminiscent of Pharrell’s N.E.R.D”(AnOther). This duo from South Central Los Angeles is oozing with potential to be the next major group.