Enrichment Insider

Jack Pennington, Editor-in-Chief

This school year saw a number of changes implemented for the Whitney Young community. We shifted to a new bell schedule, welcomed some amazing new teachers, and we have a brand new period at the end of the day: Enrichment.
Many teachers use this time to help students catch up on missed assignments, offer assistance to those struggling academically, or even direct study sessions before exams. There are also some teachers who have put their own unique and innovative spin on this popular addition to the curriculum. Here are a few “hidden gems” you may be able to squeeze in a quick visit to before summer break.

~ Stretch and Study (room 290):

Mrs. Stegman’s stretch and study enrichment offers students the chance to stretch out after a long, trying day and engage in some yoga and meditation. The exercises change for each session and can range from acro, to partner yoga, to targeted stretching, or to focus on any injuries or strains you are battling. You’ll have to arrive quickly as the class reaches capacity fast, which is not surprising considering, as Mrs. Stegman told me, “you’ll never have the same enrichment twice.”

~ Anime Club/Physics Enrichment (room 327):
If you prefer to wrap up your day by chilling out and watching your favorite anime, you’ll definitely want to run, not walk, to Mr. York’s enrichment. Described as offering “physics consultation, anime, and casual conversation,” this is one of the most unique, fun, and interesting options for wrapping up the school day.

~ Movie Enrichment (room 210):
Mr. Locke has launched a wormhole to alternate decades with his eclectic collection of 1980s cult classic films and satire-laden movies from days gone by. This enrichment is technically described as “a study of culture and satire in movies from the 80s-2000s” but it is mostly just an opportunity to amass fun trivia to impress your parents with. This
is my personal go-to enrichment class and, as a bonus, Mr. Locke is always willing to help students by reviewing work while the show is playing.

~ Artists Unite (room 314):
This offering comes with an interesting story involving an anonymous sketcher who pinned their work to the Artists Unite Poster. I was inspired to investigate this enrichment after spotting some impressive artistic stamps tacked up on the group’s pin-board. When I arrived and asked the student leader of the club about it though, she told me that none of them knew who the talented and unknown artist was. So, to this nameless vandal, thank you for inspiring me to go check this enrichment out. Artists Unite is a place where WY students can share ideas, collaborate, and work on art projects in a safe environment. It’s worth a visit just to check out some of the incredible pieces our talented WY artist community is working on.

~ Ceramic Club and Enrichment (room 177):
Last, but not least, on this week’s adventure-into-the-enrichment is Mr. Nowlin’s Ceramics Club. This program is “an independent art studio where students can create their own ceramic projects”. These projects can be anything you want, from mugs to statues to vases, or even things you might want for other classes, but the best part is that you can bring your creation home with you.

Are there other special interest enrichments you think more people need to hear about? Drop by the Beacon enrichment and help us write our next big article.