The Best DubTV Article: Unpopular Opinions

The best segment of DubTV, in my opinion, is Unpopular OpinionsI may be biased in my opinion, since I produced the segment. I thought that it would be a good segment for my peers and I to discuss topics we felt were important. It began with Kimberly Vu-Smith, Fernando Lobato, Claire Macellaio and myself discussing relationships and Valentines Day and our unpopular opinions about it. This first segment allowed us to get vulnerable and talk about expectations around love for young people. We opened up about our own experiences, as well as listing of our own unpopular opinions around the subject. For example, I said that I thought super big and extravagant gifts for Valentines Day are overrated and often don’t leave you fulfilled. Krissy Lewis ‘23, a Sophomore at Whitney Young, also enjoyed this episode. “I thought the comments were really deep,” she comments. 

In the second episode, we discussed our unpopular opinions about the high school opinion. In this segment, we welcomed a guest, Sarah Zhao, to discuss the subject with us for the segment. The folks working on Unpopular Opinions thought it was important to get a wide range of perspectives on the segment. We talked about how the media has greatly influenced our expectations for high school. During the segment, we talked about all we learned through out our four years in high school and, at the end, the five of us each gave a piece of advice to incoming freshmen and seventh graders that we wish we had gotten. Fiona Lyons-Carlson ‘21, a senior at Whitney Young, also enjoyed the segment, though had a critique, saying, “I wish there was more disagreeing on the show. It seemed like you all agreed with each other, so the opinions didn’t seem so unpopular.”

Fionas comment is a comment we’ve received before. As a result, we tried to choose a topic that is more divisive for our next segment. We decided on discussing drama. We invited fellow DubTV student Nico DeGrazia on to, once again, get more perspective and hopefully get more of the disagreement we were looking for. We discussed drama we had been in ourselves, as well as our general opinions on engaging in drama. After watching the segment, I felt that we really hit our goal of having some healthy disagreement amongst the hosts and guest. Phia Morris ‘21, a senior at Whitney Young, agreed, saying, “The segment was fun to watch since you could tell the hosts didn’t fully agree, but were still able to joke around.” 

This segment was my favorite to both watch and be a part of. I felt that we really gelled well as hosts and were able to get into a lot of important topics in a mature, yet still funny, way.