Pros and Cons of Remote Learning


Tyson Leitao

Remote learning is defined as learning when the instructor and the learner is separated by time and or space. Recently, schools across the country have seen plenty of remote learning because of a global pandemic separating everyone into their own homes. Undoubtedly distance learning offers a wide range of opportunities for students. This fond type of learning has been flexible and an open learning method. This open learning  also has negatives for students’ learning opportunities. 

There are both pros and cons of distance learning. On the one hand, it enables students to avert a hectic commute and try not to be late to class. Keirsten Woodard ‘21 said, “I don’t have to worry about hastling to get to school on time every morning.” This way of learning has also allowed students to continue on with their part time schedules and other commitments. Students can have less interruption into your learning. Self-disciplined people who are highly motivated see remote learning as a blessing. An opportunity to work on what you need to do immediately instead of a procrastination. Isaiah Young ‘21said, “The work that would have been done most likely the day before is usually done a few days before now.”

Many people say remote learning is an easier type of learning for some students, but for others there are a few negatives. First off, the lack of physical interaction can get to a student. This mental buildup  can be problematic for students and teachers whether it’s an interaction between student to student or a more personal interaction of student to teacher it can  always be difficult. Another negative aspect is how remote learning can mess with students’ mental motivation. Self motivation in itself is very important, Sophie Struyk ‘21 said, “I feel lazy and tired all the time.” This lack of motivation can cause stress and anxiety for a person and mess with his/her/their mental state. 

While online learning may not be for everyone, many of the questions students have about pursuing distance education can be answered. Many students will find that for them, the pros greatly outweigh the cons or the cons greatly outweigh the pros when it comes to considering distance learning. In a way, it’s truly what works best for the individual.