The New York Times

Devin Shaw

My favorite educational website would have to be The New York Times (NYT). The New York Times is a newspaper/website that encompasses everything from politics to book recommendations. Every morning, I read the daily briefing because it is a short read that keeps me updated on things going on in the world. Although it is not a site like Khan Academy or Quizlet, it educates me in our current events through reading well-written articles. I feel that one of the best ways to educate myself is through reading. “I always find it hard to stay focused and actually absorb information when reading newspapers. I am more of a podcast fan,” says Kendall West ‘21. While I see Mr. West’s point, I think that The New York Times has many different writers and topics so that you are able to find whatever works for you. If you aren’t interested in learning about politics, you can read about business, style, food, sports, travel, and so much more. 


“I switch up between reading The New York Times and listening to The Daily podcast,” notes Aleko Lionikis LP ‘21. The Daily is a podcast that is hosted by Michael Babaro, a NYT journalist. One of my favorite columnists of the NYT is Nicholas Kristof. He typically writes about human rights, women’s rights, health, and global affairs. “I actually spent a quarter of my AP Composition class reading his columns every week, and I learned a lot from him,” says Cameron Shaw Lane Tech ‘22. Overall, I think that educational resources look different for everyone, but for me, I enjoy reading articles written by journalists. The New York Times requires a subscription, but it is pretty reasonable and you get a lot of things out of it, so it is worth it. Check it out if you can!