In A Nutshell


AJ Luesebrink

     Have you ever needed to study for an upcoming biology test? Or maybe a physics exam? Then you should check out the insanely entertaining and informative German YouTube channel Kurzgesagt

     Their channel houses years of high quality biology, psychology, astronomy, and general science videos. The videos range from serious topics like immunology to fun thought experiments like “What would happen if we nuked the moon?” Edward Zhang ‘22, a long time viewer, said, “I love how they can teach such abstract concepts in efficient ways. Also, their art style really helps capture the viewer’s attention.” 

     I couldn’t agree more, I personally have enjoyed many of their videos like “Building a Dyson Sphere.” Using beautiful minimalist drawings, this channel breaks down complex topics by making enjoyable videos with new teachings. Max Moore ‘21 commented, “One of my favorite videos is on alien life. It gets me to think about new concepts while having very high quality storytelling.” New concepts are a consistent theme, from existential mindset videos to current biological events the channel is constantly creating fresh new ideas.

     For those that don’t spend time on YouTube, the team at Kurzgesagt has made an app! This gorgeous app provides a unique sense of scale of our universe. You can zoom down to the level of protons and out to the largest galaxies and each scaled item has a humorous description. This app helped me to realize the crazy size differences of the world around me. Turner Ferguson ‘23 jokingly said, “It’s a great way to feel both insignificant and significant at the same time.”

      So whether you need to study or just learn fun facts Kurzgesagt has you covered in many forms of interactive entertainment. If you want to watch or support this great resource then you can go to their website