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They say that it’s never too early to start investing, but like many, teens around the world are given little access to information about how to go about investing. Many High Schools, unlike Whitney Young, do not have the resources or funds to offer a business education class. Sofia Frula ‘22, a student at a local private high school says, “I don’t know anything about investing, I wish I could take a class.” Whitney Young offers an advanced business education program that offers two business classes as electives. This program teaches students everything from entrepreneurship to investing. One of the many websites utilized in the business course is a website called Marketwatch is a business and economic news website where students can compete in a virtual stock exchange competition that directly mirrors the real stock market. Students are given funds to invest in any company of their choosing to make as much profit possible. Every year, many business students from around the country compete to make the most profit, and Marketwatch even offers a cash reward to the top three. Evie Calderon ‘20 says, “my friend participated in the virtual stock market competition and it looked exactly like the real stock market!” Marketwatch does not only offer virtual stock exchanges, but also gives access to news, investing resources, and personal finance guidance. Emily Servin ‘21 states, “I used marketwatch as a news source once and was astonished by how much you can do and learn on that one website.” Marketwatch can be used to teach students all things regarding finance. Marketwatch has tools and resources to teach you how to pay taxes, keep track of your credit, and even buy a house. They have multiple tools like mortgage calculators, earnings calculators, and even a retirement planner. No matter what you use Marketwatch for, it’s better to start learning about personal finance now rather than never!