Best Low Budget (Under $10) Gifts for the Holidays 2020

Teresa Pan

It’s the holiday season again. For some people, that means torment, because they have limited funds and don’t know how to make the most of it. Thankfully, not every child needs a PS5 for Christmas. Here is a list of 10 great items you can get for under $10.


For the brainstormer: A wooden puzzle game! ($9.80)

My brain hurts from just looking at it.


For the panda lover: A cute mug! ($9.95)

Imagine seeing the panda slowly reveal itself while you’re drinking coffee! Adorable!


For “The Office” lover: A very needed sign! ($8.39)

This is as real as it can get. I’m sure Dwight approves of this product.

For the yogi: A gym bag with spacious pockets! ($9.99)

Look at how much stuff you could put in those pockets!


For the stationary lover: A marbled gold paper clip holder! ($8.89)

If I could redesign my work desk, this would be on it for sure.


For the parent who hates those family car decals: An anti-decal decal! ($2.99)

What’s awesome about this one is that you can buy three without going over your budget! Now they can put these on other people’s cars (please don’t do this…please).


For the Harry Potter fan: A Deathly Hallows keyring! ($9.37)

Honestly, just a classic and a necessity.


For the traveler: A pair of colorful luggage tags! ($9.99)

Even with a black suitcase, you’ll be able to spot your belongings on the belt.


For the one who loves cheese: A cow cheese holder! ($9.99)

Don’t worry, you don’t HAVE to put that fake American “cheese” in it.


For the journaling enthusiast: A set of 3 dotted notebooks! ($8.96)

Forget Moleskine…these are just as good.


With all things considered, this year is pretty different from any other year, but it means that presents, big or small, pricey or budgeted, are more important than ever. If you are low on funds this holiday season, I hope this list helps you out! Happy Holidays!