10 Holiday Gift Ideas for Teenagers

Keirsten Woodard, Writer/Editor

Buying gifts for teenagers may seem like a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be! Christmas time is finally here! Here are 10 holiday gifts that may be perfect for your teenager at home! 

     1. Fujifilm Instax Camera 

A Fujifilm Instax Camera is perfect for any teen that loves photography and capturing memories. This camera captures perfect moments and prints them right on the spot. 


     2. Bubble Tea Kit 

A bubble tea kit is perfect for any teen that loves bubble tea and likes to stay home. It is a fun project and you get bubble tea at the end! 

     3. Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone 

A wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone is perfect for any teen that loves music! You can connect this to any device that is Bluetooth compatible so you can have fun anywhere! 

     4. Kpop Album 

A Kpop album is perfect for any teen that loves music and Kpop! These albums could include photocards, photo books, posters, a CD, and more! You could buy them from websites like Target, Amazon, Walmart, and more!

     5. Galaxy Projector 

A galaxy projector is perfect for any teen that loves lighting their room up. This projector will display a beautiful galaxy of light all over their room!

     6. Nintendo Switch 

A Nintendo Switch is perfect for any teen that loves to game! There are many different games that can be played with it. It is portable so you can have fun anywhere! There are many colors you can choose from so you can choose whichever one your teen may like best!

     7. Water Bottle with Time Markers  

A water bottle with time markers is perfect for any teen that wants or needs a little extra help with their daily water intake. This water bottle helps you drink the perfect amount of water everyday.  

     8. Selfie Ring Light 

A selfie ring light is perfect for any teen that loves taking selfies! It can be hard finding the right lighting, but with this ring light, you can have the perfect lighting anywhere you go! 

     9. Airpods 

Airpods are perfect for any teen that loves listening to music. They are perfect for drowning out your surroundings and vibing alone. 

     10. Smart Notebook  

A smart notebook is perfect for all students that are remote learning. You will never run out of pages in this notebook because you can save your notes onto your phone and erase the page. It is high tech and highly useful! 


This year has been hard. So, let’s end it with great gifts for our loved ones!