Corona Virus: Symptoms and Where It’s Spread To

Olivia Witulski, Writer

The coronavirus, which started in China, and has now spread to multiple countries, including the US is starting to scare people all around the world. The virus has spread to France, Canada, Australia, and others. 

“People need to stop freaking out. It’s not going to be the next black plague because we know what quarantine and hygiene are,” says Salma Salenica ‘22. 

The virus has symptoms similar to a common cold but can lead to much more severe consequences. The virus starts as a fever or runny nose, but can lead to the respiratory system completely shutting down. The Corona Virus has led to over 130 deaths, and over seven thousand people have been infected. The city of Wuhan has been quarantined, and multiple airports have shut down as an attempt to stop the virus from spreading any further. 

There has already been one confirmed case in Chicago, and the woman who was infected, as well as her family, have been quarantined. There have not been any other confirmed cases in Chicago, although there is speculation of 3 more possible cases. Screenings at O’Hare airport have increased, as well as in-flight tests for the virus on flights to and from China.