The Question of Cereal

Every morning should start off with a good breakfast. As many should already know, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” This is because it “breaks” the overnight “fast” that is experienced by everyone during sleep. Furthermore, this meal helps to replenish the supply of essential nutrients and vitamins which, in turn, keeps a person’s energy level up throughout the day. 

For many, breakfast meals vary. But even so, milk and cereal proves to be a universal favorite. And with that, comes the bigger question that everyone must ask themselves when they are considering milk and cereal for breakfast. That is, do you put milk first then cereal, or cereal first then milk?

For this, the Beacon goes to the students of Whitney Young to get their take on the question. Ivan Mei 22’ says, “Cereal first… always” That can be agreed on by many as that is the most logical way to get more cereal per serving. Brandon Lee 20’ also agrees with him when he says, “Is that even a question? Cereal should always be first.” However, Steven Moy 20’ stands to disagree with them when he says, “ I just prefer milk first before my cereal, I like to take a sip beforehand.” No matter where you stand on this question, it is really up to preference and should not be judged on. Some may prefer milk first so they could eat less or just cause they prefer it that way, and some may prefer cereal first because it gives more per serving, however, at the end of the day, as long as you have a healthy and nutritional breakfast, that is all that matters.