Welcome to Finals Week

Mika Cavanagh, Writer

As the end of the semester is coming up, students find themselves struggling to keep up with their studies in preparation for finals in the upcoming weeks. At a school like Whitney Young, there’s always a sense of stress around every student, but that feeling is amplified tenfold. As students are running through the halls begging their teachers for extra credit opportunities and retakes, one can see nearly every student calculating the lowest possible score in order to secure their desired grade. As is tradition for Whitney Young students to start cramming information at the last second before finals, I decided to ask 3 Whitney Young students what class final they were the most worried about.

First I asked Bryan Bermeo ‘20, and he answered, “I’d have to say I’m the most stressed for my KAM final.” I also asked Dominick Lococo ‘21, and he responded by saying “I think I’m the most stressed for my Spanish final.” Finally, I asked Kate Somerville ‘20, and she replied saying “I’m absolutely stressed for my Stats final.” At an institution like Whitney Young, students take many different classes, and skills tend to differ, causing different classes to cause more stress than others. 

As we enter this week of finals, I hope for the best for all my fellow peers, and personally, I hope that I can keep my grades where they are, so I don’t have to worry about my mid-year reports for any of my college applications. As a senior, there is an added level of stress, as although we are almost done with High School, our senior year grades are still quite important in our application process. Despite this, I know that all seniors and fellow peers will be prepared, we have gone through this many times, and it’ll be just like any other year. Good luck on finals, everyone!