October Movie Watch and Watch Out

Fall is upon us! As we wind down into the leaf crunching and pumpkin-flavored delicacies, a lot of people like to take some time off from their hard work and cool down with a refreshing Coca-Cola and a bucket of popcorn in a comfy, reclining chair, watching a good movie. A lot of movies have hit and are set to hit the theatres this month. Use this piece as a small guide as to what to watch and watch out for in theatres this month.

First and foremost, if you haven’t seen this masterpiece already, “Joker” released in the US last week on October 4th. This movie is an absolute must watch. Joaquin Phoenix puts on another acting masterclass as he takes on the role of Arthur Fleck, a failed comedian in Gotham City, and vividly illustrates his slow, dramatic descent into madness as he transforms into the criminal mastermind, The Joker. Nwachukwu Ofoma ‘20, when asked about the film said, “this is the absolute best movie I have seen all year and it was a much deeper and more meaningful film than I anticipated going in. The cast delivered a harsh, yet truthful message.”

Beloved Will Smith is back in theatres this month, this time with “Gemini Man”. Will portrays an elite assassin, ready to call it quits. His retirement plans are thrown for a loop when he finds himself targeted by an operative who seems to know his every move. In this film, director Ang Lee pushes the visual boundaries of cinema, with extraordinary special effects and some strong performances, but is sadly undermined by a clichéd and weak story. When asked about the film, Brendan Summerhill ‘22, said, “The special effects were so sick but the plot of the movie felt like it had been done a million times and didn’t really throw me for any loops. It didn’t have an extremely exciting story.” The movie is pleasing to the eyes but unstimulating for the mind.