Final Season Tips

Rogelio Renteria

Final’s season is quickly approaching! With only two weeks left until the first final of the 2019-2020 academic school year, here are some tips from your fellow Dolphins on how to manage and survive the end of the semester. 


Tip #1: STUDY


 ¨I think the best thing I can say is to start studying way before the actual test, last-minute cramming is not fun¨ says Natalie Valles, ‘20.


Study! Although it may seem like an obvious tip, it is the best way to prepare for finals. Begin studying and going over the material as soon as possible rather than closer to the test date. Leaving everything last minute will only result in cramming way too much information in your brain. Don’t forget that spaced out studying yields better results!


Tip #2: Ask For Help


¨I always go to my teachers and ask them for help to clarify anything I’m confused about ̈ expressed Kayla Triplett, ‘21 .


Your teachers are your best resource around this time since they are the ones giving you the test in two weeks! Do not be afraid to approach them and ask for help if there is anything causing you confusion. In addition to teachers, you can also ask your friends for help if they are understanding the course material. Don’t forget that we also have other resources at the school available such as the Math Center located in Blue House.



Tip #3: Work Smarter!

Andres Rios, ‘22, stated, ̈I always use roger hub to see what I need on my final and use that to see how much time I should be spending on each class for finals.¨


Although you should try on all of your finals and study for each class, it is always best to know which classes require more of your attention than others. By using a website like Roger Hub you can calculate what grade you would need on the final and how that affects the grade received in the class. It can also help you decide how to manage your time accordingly so that you study the right amount for each test that you’re taking. However, it should not be used as an excuse to do poorly on a test on purpose. Make smart decisions!