Upcoming of the 2019 Holiday Break

Siauna Respress

Today, December 21, 2019, is the last school day of this year for all Chicago Public Schools; students are ecstatic to say the least. The combination of college deadlines for seniors, along with the push for teachers to finish their progress report grades, had the entire building under stress. Now that the break has arrived, everyone can finally take the two weeks to relax and catch up on some rest. Sylvia Love ‘20 said, “I plan to take this break to rest and dance. Going to Whitney Young can be a lot at times but now that the break is here, I know I’ll be rejuvenated and ready to tackle 2020!” Another student, Khloe Wright ‘21, said, “ I am overly happy to have a break. I plan to hang out with my friends and see the movie Queen and Slim. Plus, I can work on my homework on a more ‘lax’ schedule. I couldn’t be any more happier.” Students have shown their pre-break excitement elsewhere at Whitney Young; several groups like Choir and Band have been fundraising for their organizations on the Arts bridge by selling all types of food and offering Christmas karaoke. This week, students and faculty also dressed up in their most festive gear. “I love this time of the year. Eating a waffle and singing “All I want For Christmas” on the bridge during lunch? It literally does not get any better than that,” said Skylar Matlock ‘24. Everyone is ready for this well deserved time off. After this break, Whitney Young will head into the second semester, ready to tackle whatever comes next.