What Are Students Favorite Spirit Days?


Grace McGregor

The week of October 7, 2019, was Whitney Young’s Homecoming. Every day students dressed up for different themes. Monday was Pajama Day, Tuesday was Twin Day, Wednesday was Wayback Wednesday, Thursday was Class Color Day and Blackout for the Seniors, and Friday was Spirit Day. Friday night was the Homecoming Football game and Saturday night was the Homecoming Dance. Many students love Homecoming and look forward to it every year. Spirit Week and the Homecoming Dance was planned by the Whitney Young Student Council.


Many students enjoy dressing up each day and look forward to it every year. When asked, “What’s your favorite day during Spirit Week and why?” many students had different favorite days and reasons why. Maxwell Kudlov ‘24, said his favorite was “Pajama Day because I don’t have to put much thought into what I wear.” Another student, Tezza Vitalis-Grant ‘21, stated, “I liked Wayback Wednesday cause the outfits were so fun. Like putting together my outfit was really fun.” “Class Color Day because it was surprising to see who was who,” responded Kaliyma Kemet ‘21. Overall, Spirit week was a huge success and many students had a blast dressing up and showing their school spirit.