Saugus Highschool Shooting

Sangolay Njie, Pro basketball player

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Saugus High School, the most recent grounds for another senseless school shooting. It was a quiet morning at the Southern California high school when all of a sudden a young man pulls out a .45 caliber pistol and shoots 5 of his peers within the span of 16 seconds. The shooter, Nathaniel Berhow then killed himself seconds after. I asked some of my fellow peers of they were concerned for their safety at Whitney Young. Julia Medina, Whitney Young senior says she is “worried about her safety here at the school because a shooting can happen at any time at any moment”.  Freshman, Dalen Davis says “it feels like the shooters are becoming more frequent and that he is worried for his life.” America has gone senseless to mass shootings and something needs to be done immediately to solve this growing issue.