CTU Strike Shortens 1st Quarter for Students

Caleb Young

An 8 week quarter? Due to the 2-week long CPS teacher strike, which came about because of contractual disputes between the Chicago Teachers’ Union and Chicago Public Schools, students had a shorter marking period for 1st Quarter grades. This gave students a shorter window of time to sort out their grades. Some students who had lower-than-desired grades felt disheartened by the fact that they did not have sufficient time to raise their grades before grades were due and report card pickup.  Three Whitney Young students were asked if they felt that the quarter should have been elongated to accommodate the loss of classroom time because of the strike. Sidney Gerald ‘22 said “I don’t think the loss of time will impact students significantly since the only grades that really matter are semester grades.” Tim Gregory ‘20 sang a similar tune, saying, “I’m just glad we have another 10 weeks in the second quarter to boost my grades, but since I’m a senior it doesn’t really matter.” However, Sam Jenkins ‘24, was more worried, saying, “my mom is going to be really mad when she sees my grades.” Hopefully, everything will smoothen out over the new few weeks.