Mental Health Days: A Concept

Paul Thomas

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Mental Health plays a large role in the problems of high schoolers. In some cases, students are diagnosed with depression while some use violent tactics to absolve their mental health issues, such as self harm or suicide. This school doesn’t believe in mental health days because they believe that students should handle their own problems on the weekends. They don’t understand that we as students truly need these days due to all the stress that comes with a day of school. With tests, projects, and rigorous homework everyday that’s expected to be completed at a high level of quality all of our built up stress has no outlet. Some parents believe that teenagers don’t have anything to be stressed about, therefore teenagers’s mental health issues are often overlooked and unheard, causing even more issues. Akimia Wilson 19’ says that, ”We are not being heard and we are not being given the time we truly need to stay healthy, we are going through so much at the moment, with finals coming up, college and scholarships to apply for, and it’s just too much for us to bare as we are still children.” Hailey Love 21’ says “though I’m not a senior, I feel that we are still going through a lot too, because the workload at Whitney Young is so much, no matter what grade you are in because teachers don’t understand how much we have to do everyday.” Mental health days would be a great deterrent for the stress students feel. “I know a lot of people who don’t come to school because of issues like this and I feel we deserve these days,” says Lewis Lewis, 19’. These expressions of students exemplify how students feel overwhelmed. We deserve mental health days.

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