Jackie Robinson

Paul Thomas

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The story of Jackie Robinson is unrivaled because of all he went through in his struggle to get to the MLB. He was born Jack Roosevelt Robinson on January 31, 1919 in Cairo, Georgia.  Jackie’s parents split in 1920 and he, along with his mother and sibling, moved to Pasadena, California shortly after. Jackie’s older brother got him to acknowledge his athletic abilities by winning silver in the 1936 olympics which inspired him to be a great athlete as well. Once he went to High School, he played four sports, one being the sport he would grow to truly love, baseball. He played shortstop and catcher and excelled in this sport along with football, basketball, and track and field. He began his journey in college playing for Pasadena Junior College, where he began playing with mostly white teammates; this is where his struggles began. Jalen Kobayashi (Class of 2019) says,” He was great and he went through so much, but he was the domino that set off the effect.” In 1938, he won the M.V.P award and showed his elite skill over others. Casey Coates (Class of 2020) says, “He was so dominant, and he was dealing with so much at the same time of his career.” After years of playing he finally made it to the MLB in 1947, playing for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In his career he won rookie of the year, NL M.V.P, 6x all star, and batting champion. Darcy Williams (Class of 2024) says,” He was a pioneer for black baseball players, and he is highly respected.” Jackie Robinson’s legacy still lives on in the hearts of athletes to this day.

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