Performing Arts Week 2019


Nicholas Bussey

WYMHS Chamber Orchestra performs for Blue House during 6th period as part of performing arts week

Nicholas Bussey

‘What’s that?’ you may have wondered this week, ‘Do I hear a Sousaphone in Blue House?” “Since when was there live music during lunch? Is it a café now for both lunch and breakfast?’

Sadly, the live music this week is not permanent. It is part of the first annual Performing Arts Week, an initiative that began in order to increase exposure for the performing arts groups around the school prior to programming. At first, Gus Kim ‘24 “didn’t know what was happening,” but overall, he adds, after shouting something to his tablemates amidst their table’s energetic atmosphere, it was “interesting and informative [as to] where to find out more [about the performing arts].” Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week, pop-up performances took place in the lunchrooms during lunch periods, each about 10-20 minutes in length, showcasing performing arts groups ranging all the way from beginning to advanced ensembles, as well as small groups. Considering that it is free, live music that features familiar faces with exceptional talents, “It’s the best, second only to…” (and not unlike) “…[the music at] the Taste of Whitney Young [in June],” Piper MacDonald ‘19 comments.

Lots of people know what a guitar is, or that we have an orchestra, but having the physical thing in front of students makes what those groups do a lot more tangible to those not yet involved. “People don’t really know a lot about the different types of performing arts, so [the performances give] insight into what the program does,” observed Meaghan Jungles ‘21.

The call out meeting to find out about the different performing arts classes in more detail takes place Tuesday, February 5 after school in the Band room (198). Hope to see you there!